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We provide repurchase of receivables from companies


The investment group Arca Investments and Arca capital owe their creditors

The Arca Group's portfolio is wide-ranging, led many development projects, after solar power plants, also, for example, an agency company employment of Manuvia or the Delia grocery chain. Most of Arca's assets were acquired through a combination of equity and liabilities.

To Arcy and others approx 150 Many legal and natural creditors invested through the companies of the connected companies through bills of exchange and bonds persons - maybe you are among them, so feel free to contact us.

You want to sell your debt or bond and you do not know how to proceed?


First send us the documents and all contractual documents (just scan) and attach a description of the contractual relationship or reason, from which you have a claim against the debtor, especially which of the Arca group companies is affected.

Our team of experienced lawyers will assess individual cases and immediately make you an offer.