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Dear clients,

I remember, that when I was a high school student, so the professor of mathematics gave us advice in life. Namely, to try to "always be in the picture", because the situation is ruled by the one, who is well informed.

Not so long ago. But then there was no internet and social networks, nor media inflation and other avenues, through which messages flow to us in this way, as we know it today. Then, in a time of totalitarian and narrowly posttotalitarian, we had no idea, that we may encounter a situation, which is the opposite of a lack of information - namely "being over-informed". And not just in terms of quantity, but also the quality of information. Thousands of messages, news, attractions, information and misinformation, which overwhelm us daily from various quarters and concern various fields and corners of the world, they are unfortunately largely based on half-truths, or they are not verified at all. This state of affairs goes hand in hand with many other negative phenomena in journalism, such as dilettantism, loss of the moral code of journalists or very problematic, fast, but at the same time superficial, "Wikipedia" education. This phenomenon, together with the overall decline in education, which we are increasingly witnessing in everyday life (from grammatical errors in printed media, through uncultivated speech in those spoken to knowledge gaps in students and their teachers), it is an explosive compound with catastrophic consequences for many people. The result of bad decisions, based on false reports, today modernly referred to as fakenews, it can often manifest itself in the form of financial losses. Well, in fact, which can painfully affect the lives of many of us and sometimes change it irreversibly.

Our company Expohledávky s.r.o. has long been involved in debt collection and we decided to base our website on a blog, within, of which we would like to regularly offer contributions from experts in our field.

We will offer the right one, verified information, relating to debts, receivables, investment and execution, as well as an overview of the latest news in the Czech Republic. We would like to contribute to solving complex situations and prevent severe consequences, which may occur as a result of poor financial decision-making. Based on knowledge, which creditors can get from us, they can make the right decision, what legal path to choose to return borrowed or invested funds, in which he tries unsuccessfully for their return.

So let's meet regularly on this site and try to improve our lives based on serious information.


Marco Milan