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Professional debt collection

Our company specializes in the court recovery. We provide comprehensive legal services including legal assessment of each case and free advice. We work discreetly, quickly and efficiently.

Our clients are individuals and legal entities, they want your money back. We consider the differences claims by specific client business fields. We strive to provide comprehensive services tailored to your individual needs. Consequently, the prices for our services individually and not cheap! Contractual fee is 5% when 30% of the amounts recovered. So you pay only after the successful recovery of your debts. For classical extrajudicial debt recovery, ie. in fact and in law simpler cases, it is our business risk. Do not hesitate to contact us.

As one of the few specialists claims to cooperate directly with the executor, which is within the field very rare.

Extrajudicial debt in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic. Possibility of purchase of receivables and receivables management outsourcing.

We prefer personal contact with the debtor

Individual approach tailored to our customer

Maximum discretion is part of our service

professional experience

discrete approach

Free consultation receivables

Proposing any other solutions

Costs associated with legal representation

Zero consideration of the matter

A long and protracted affair without feedback

Slim chance of real recovery


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Office: City empirical, Pankrác, Prague 4

Headquarters: On the scrape 1702/65, Nusle, 140 00 Prague 4

Account: 7777777355/5500 held at Raiffeisenbank, a.s.

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TECH ICAL: 06953204

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