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debt collection

We offer debt collection in a wide range of areas including accounting records or outstanding invoices.

Each expert will review the claim and then suggest the most appropriate solution procedure involving, among others,. comprehensive legal analysis. In the context of debt collection claims to specialize in invoice, loan, bill, payroll, rent or damages.

We focus on:

  • Enforcement of invoices for goods delivered and work done
  • Enforcement acknowledgment of debt for any reason of
  • enforcement bill
  • recovery from a contract to Borrow Money
  • recovery of unpaid rent
  • claim for damages
  • and many more

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The course of our cooperation

How to proceed in case of representation?

1. Checking claims

professionally assess, whether your claim is eligible for recovery and in cooperation with you, we put together the documentation necessary for the next steps in the recovery process. Necessary documents are inserted through your customer account, Thus, we are trying to save your time and money to the extent possible.

2. proxy

If found, that your claim is eligible for further enforcement, The next step is arranging the representation in recovering claim, and to deal with our company and with law firm providing judicial enforcement of your claims. Representation is based on the order contract and your power of attorney. Specific conditions of representation being arranged in the order contract.

3. Call

In the first recovery stage pre-action claim debtor send invitation. Pre-action notice is sent to the law firm and our experience pays, that many borrowers will pay the debt only because, that is to put things lawyer. In a pre-action challenge the debtor is notified and the fact, the inertia when paying the debt he claims "expensive" cost of legal proceedings and possibly the costs of enforcement.

4. Action

If the debtor fails to comply voluntarily debt on the basis of pre-action reminders, it is an action, or proposal to issue electronic payment order. Filing a lawsuit starts with the judicial phase of the recovery of your debts. In the application, the applicant describes the reason for the claim and prove it deeds. processing application, as well as representation in court proceedings, Of course, provides law firm.

5. Seizure

If the debtor fails to comply voluntarily on the basis of debt issued by a payment order or judgment awarding, It is on the basis of the decision to initiate enforcement proceedings. Selection of the appropriate executor and begin execution. O tom, What is happening in execution, Keep track of your customer account. Within the execution executor affect the debtor's assets, both movable, and Real, bank accounts and affects wages or other income.

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