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debt collection

We offer debt collection in a wide range of areas including accounting records or outstanding invoices.

Redemption / sale of receivables

If you already have with the debtor patience and do not mind, You lose some of their money, this service is for you.

Redemption of notes

If you use the offer of Expohledávky s.r.o. redemption of bills, You definitely can not get rid of the hassle of sending of notices futile borrowers and considerable expenditure for the payment of legal services.

Management of corporate assets

We receivables management outsourcing, which will make of your debts properly and successfully catered mainly.

buyout firms

We buy companies for the best price. Each will produce analysis, on the basis of an individual offer.

Auction of receivables

We present you the only platform for online auctions of receivables together with regular online auctions.
Avoid financial problems leading to foreclosures, or insolvency and sell your property with us at the highest possible price.

DEXPO.CZ offers verified offers with a guarantee of legal protection.


In recovery

we're doing above average

We guarantee a professional approach and a high success rate in debt collection.

Successful recovery lies in the delivery of quality early documents regarding the claim and sufficient information about the debtor. In this case, you have to 90% chance of paying your debts debtor.

In our activities, we are ready to collect debt by arbitration before arbitrators, which is primarily based on documents (e.g. the contractual document containing an acknowledgment of debt arbitration clause). It is much quicker and less expensive than the procedure before the ordinary courts. Reward for arbitration is due with the filing of the application and makes 3 % of the amount in dispute, but at least 3.000 CZK (plus adv. DPH). No additional costs during the arbitration and does not cover the cost of the arbitrator will therefore pay only expense.

The obligation to reimburse is then stored unsuccessful party.


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