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We offer recovery of claims in a wide range of areas including accounting records or outstanding invoices.

of corporate claims

We offer outsourcing of receivables management to make sure that your claims are properly taken care of.

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If you have no patience with the borrower and you don’t mind spending some of your money, this service is for you.

About us

Our agency has been active on the market for several years and specialized in out-of-court debt claims and other services we offer in this area. We provide a complete service including a legal assessment of each case and free advice. We work descreetly, quickly and efficiently.

Our clients are individuals and corporations who want to get back their money. We také into account the differences of claims according to the business of a particular client. We strive to provide a comprehensive services tailored to your needs. That is why prices for our services are not individual, not cheap! Our remuneration is payable out of the money you earn from your claim. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Key points

As one of the few claim specialists we work directly with the executor, which is very unique in the field, rather unique.

We prefer personal contact from the borrower

Individually approach tailored to our customer

Maximum discretion is part of our services

What makes us better in comparison to the courts

EX Pohledávky Agency

no fees in advance

years of experience and expertise

discreet approach

free consultation of claims

propose any other solution

Court trial

no court fees

costs associated with legal representation

zero assessment of the thing

long and long-term business without feedback

a slight chance of real recovery

Above-average success
of debt recovery

We guarantee professional approach and high success in debt recovery. We helped creditors recover 40 956 540 CZK previous month. We handle up to 50 new claims a week, our recovery rate is around 85%.

Successful debt recovery arises in the early delivery of quality evidence on the claim and sufficient information on the debtor. In this case, you have up to 90% chance of paying your debts by the borrower.

Comparison with competitors

  • EX Pohledávky
  • Competitors

We have solutions for both large corporations and small creditors.

The basis of our work are well-defined goals and well-done professional work. Every client is important to us. We do not make the difference between large and small. We are all dedicated to full engagement!
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