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The experts at dealing with claims

Receivables solved out of court, jurisdiction and execution. We offer professional and quick recovery of your debts legally and without risk.
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The experts at dealing with claims

Receivables solved out of court, jurisdiction and execution. We offer professional and quick recovery of your debts legally and without risk.
Our services

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You can also take advantage of our new online debt auction service on the web www.dexpo.cz, where you get the highest possible price for your receivable

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How to proceed in case of representation?

professionally assess, whether your claim is eligible for recovery and in cooperation with you we will put together the documentation needed for further steps in the recovery process.
It is necessary to add all the contacts to the debtor to your claim, including the current place of residence - we are not a detective agency or executor, we do not have access to this information by law.
Documents are uploaded through your customer account, therefore we try to save your time and money as much as possible.

If found, that your claim is eligible for further enforcement, the next step will be to arrange representation in the recovery of the claim, in negotiations with our company and with an external law firm ensuring judicial recovery of your claim.
Representation takes place on the basis of an order contract and a power of attorney granted by you. Specific conditions of representation being arranged in the order contract.
If it is necessary to use paid search engines, for example, the Central Register of Foreclosures within the necessary lustration of the debtor, Only, Cadastral Office, other non - bank registers, and more, this service may be charged
an amount of 2 tis. CZK.

When, that recovery is not even for a period of approx 14 days successful, we propose to send a pre-litigation summons.
The pre-litigation call is sent by our external law firm and is valid from our rich years of experience, that many borrowers will pay the debt only because, that is to put things lawyer. In a pre-action challenge the debtor is notified and the fact, the inertia when paying the debt he claims "expensive" cost of legal proceedings and possibly the costs of enforcement.
Sending a pre-litigation summons is charged at 2 tis. CZK.

If the debtor does not voluntarily default on the debt on the basis of a pre-litigation summons, it is an action, or proposal to issue electronic payment order. By filing a lawsuit, the court phase of recovery of your claim begins.
In the application, the applicant describes the reason for the claim and prove it deeds. processing application, as well as representation in court proceedings, of course provided by our external law firm.
It is necessary to pay the state for the initiation of court proceedings 5% a fee on the amount of the claim and 3-5% a fee from the amount of the claim for representation by a law firm. The amount of the law firm fee is derived from the amount of your receivable.

If the debtor fails to comply voluntarily on the basis of debt issued by a payment order or judgment awarding, It is on the basis of the decision to initiate enforcement proceedings. Selection of the appropriate executor and begin execution. O tom, What is happening in execution, Keep track of your customer account. Within the execution executor affect the debtor's assets, both movable, and Real, bank accounts and affects wages or other income.

Use professional services without risk

Our services

debt collection

We offer debt collection in a wide range of areas including accounting records or outstanding invoices.

Redemption / sale of receivables

If you already have with the debtor patience and do not mind, You lose some of their money, this service is for you.

Redemption of notes

If you use the offer of Expohledávky s.r.o. redemption of bills, You definitely can not get rid of the hassle of sending of notices futile borrowers and considerable expenditure for the payment of legal services.

Management of corporate assets

We receivables management outsourcing, which will make of your debts properly and successfully catered mainly.

buyout firms

We buy companies for the best price. Each will produce analysis, on the basis of an individual offer.

Auction of receivables

We present you the only platform for online auctions of receivables together with regular online auctions.
Avoid financial problems leading to foreclosures, or insolvency and sell your property with us at the highest possible price.

DEXPO.CZ offers verified offers with a guarantee of legal protection.

What our customers say?

our references

Ing. Jan Dvořák

Ex Receivables provides us with complete services splehlivě, while we are pleased to say, We know that a very friendly attitude and willingness. We like the company turn any problem and we know, that we will see each quality result.

Jan Decker


EX receivables are always a guarantee of professional services in the field of recovery. Thanks to the excellent work of Mr Chromyho our cash flow very well and we do not waste time doprošováním the payment of invoices.

Petr Novotný

With EX Receivables, which for our slopečnost ensures complete recovery agenda, I am absolutely satisfied. Flexibility is a valuable asset, Speed ​​and spolehlovost company. Another great advantage of the method of remuneration, when the legal services to be covered during the recovery and by the debtor.

Radim Hamáček

Ex Receivables takes care of recovery and receivables outsourcing and we can confirm, that their services are highly professional, They are fast and always accurate.

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